Times I’ll be posting on my blog and a short piece I’ve written.

Alrighty everyone. I just wanted to let you all know the days in which I’ll be posting on this blog so that you know when to check it.

I will be posting on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Also with in these next few weeks I’ll be posting some of the small peices I’ve written on The Write Practice.  I hope you enjoy this first instalment.

I look at the page deep in thought. Something is brewing there, something wonderful. For what seems like an eternity I just stare at it thinking. What could I possibly write to change the world? My fingers drum on the desk the only sound despite my thoughts. In the paper I see promise. It could become anything and everything. Why then is it so hard to start writing?

Just write something my mind tells me. I pick up the pen and twirl it in my hand. Many idea’s could be expressed in just this one page, which should I write?

I take the pen lid off and put it to the page. There it remains as I from my thoughts. Many first words come to mind but indecision stops me. Finally I form a word, then two. A sentence forms and look them over. Reading over them I scowl and try again. My thoughts have suddenly gone blank as though starting had drained me of idea’s.

I look at my watch and sigh. I would have to leave soon. Regrettably I put the paper on a stack and get ready to leave. Perhaps I’ll get to it when I get back I think doubtfully. Heading out the door I shake my head. I’ll get it eventually.

I know it’s a short blog post but I’m only a learning blogger so bear with me. (If you have any suggestions or thoughts to help me improve in this field just email me at my email mysticalmiriam(at)gmail.com)

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