He will make you whole

Hey Guys!

I am writing 500 a day to day I’m just also writing on my book so I wrote 250 here and am writing the other 250 in my book. Here’s today’s thing. its unedited so if there’s errors dont’ blame me.

There will never be a break from strife, in this world of sin. There will never be a break from strife some battles we can’t win. We’ll feel the fear and feel the hurt and feel like we won’t’ ever be able to go on. Some feel it more than others and some are broken by it. I however vow to never quit.

When the war of the words come I won’t stop going. When it feels like my every word is being watched I won’t’ stop. I won’t let people tell me I’m not good enough and I should quit. Even if my family tells me I should I won’t. When my soul is broken and my life is in shreds. When I can’t cry anymore and my heart is full of dread, I will wonder how to put back together the pieces of my broken world. After all I’m just a girl.

But maybe it’s better to be broken and retain your true self inside. When all else is gone where do you turn? When you’re alone and completely helpless who do you go to? The only place you can, to the one who made you, to the one who knows you, to the one who loves you. He won’t judge your crying, he won’t push you away, he won’t leave you alone, he’s there to stay.

Let yourself go in his arms, let everything go, and just hold him so tight, he will make you whole.

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