A world of Fakeness

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So I really have no idea really what my niche or as Jeff Goins says my world view so I’m just going to really be experimenting with this blog till I find what I’m suppose to be writing about sound good? Alright here goes my next 500 words.

In our world today, we have learned one thing from society. It is a trait we learn as we grow up. A child is more open with others and doesn’t care for what’s right and wrong, and just do what they feel inclined to. As these kids grow up, however, they start learning something.

There is one answer to any said question and if you make a mistake it’s bad and might even get you in trouble. Their creative way of looking at the world and seeing all the possibilities is now being attacked. These children are becoming narrow minded. What students who are different, or as I’d like to say still have their creativeness, this becomes harder for them. They either excel and then see it as bad because of the idea that we need to fit in, or they ‘fail’ and over time will not care anymore, feel the pressure from people to do better or both.

As they go into the workforce, they have learned it’s better to fit in. Unfortunately fitting in has turned into this idea of faking it till you make it. Don’t get me wrong there are good things that come out of it but there is also the bad aspect.

Faking it till you make it… faking it till you can hide everything special about you and fall into conformity. Faking it till telling lies doesn’t bother you anymore,  making you feel more comfortable with being fake. This leads to people being incredibly unhappy with everything. Why? Because when they are being fake there isn’t an opportunity for them to be the people they came down here to be.

We might not be able to change our identity though many try. It still exists inside all of us and it is intertwined with our purpose and destiny. We were all born to contribute something to the world. It’s about time to banish fakeness in the world and our lives. To allow ourselves to fail and be ok with it. To be ok with people not liking who you are.

When some people like you and some don’t it creates controversy. It devotes some people to you and draws people who aren’t interested in you away. This combined with your personality creates a message the world needs to hear.

There is no right and wrong answer when it comes to a message because there is two sides to every story and every idea. If we allow ourselves to be who we were meant to be, the world will be a much better place.

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