Sticks and Stones…

Hey Everyone!

Its little’o’me again. Here’s my next 500 words for you. I hope you like it…

Tears, falling down my face. It’s a river constantly flowing. No one understands that when I say don’t know, it’s the truth. In this world where fakeness dwells, they expect me to follow a trend of lies. I can’t. Fakeness brought me down once and I can’t let it do the same to others. Lies cut down my innocent truth, lies threatened to completely destroy me. Yet one truth remained after my spark, or personality, was overruled.

I am a child of god. So simple and insignificant but there, a tiny particle of who I was before words destroyed me. I am born of something and someone who can’t be understood completely. I came to peace with that. I could be misunderstood because God is misunderstood. I could be cut down because his son Jesus Christ was cut down, bruised, broken with not just words, but physically too.

In a world where people don’t’ understand, he is there for me, urging me on. Ready to catch me when I fall into words of scorn that are tossed at me. I’ve been broken so much that I forgot the pain. I hid it as much as I hid from those who were hurting me with words. Because of what they did I can’t be confident in myself. I think I’m unworthy and worthless and find it hard to do what I was ridiculed for the most, my writing. My life blood, my life force, tangled in a suffocating hold of morning glory that is thriving off of my self-doubt, fear, anxiety, hurt and all the words that cut me down.

Sticks and stones may break my bones… but words will always hurt me. Why? Because they cut deeper than any knife, bleed out more than any artery and tear into you deeper than any flesh wound. While sticks and stones cause physical damage words hurt something much deeper and more sacred. They cut and destroy your identity. They rip apart your essence and then laugh as you fall. Words linger long after they have been spoken and never go away. It’s as though you swallow a little piece of glass, just a little word, which in turn rips your soul apart piece by piece. Words are the worse because they cause internal wounds that never go away. Wounds no one can see and no one can understand.

Words of hurt can change how a person lives and acts for the rest of their lives. Words destroy much deeper than any amount of torture ever could. It needs to be prevented, we need to think before we toss words at people. You never know where the words are going to go or who they are going to hurt. I urge you to think, for a moment before speaking. Pause before criticizing, wonder how it might affect the other person. It takes a lot to be selfless like this but I know you can do it and yes it is worth it. This is a small way you can change someone’s life. Please try, it might mean the world to them.


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