The Importance of Friends

Friends, the one thing I never had, but needed desperately. As a sophomore going into high school, I was secretly afraid. Questions haunted me. Would I still have to sit alone at lunch? Would I feel like I belonged? I accepted that this was just how it was.

During those first few weeks I found out that my high school had a write club. I attended the first couple of sessions and still felt alone; I was just doing my own little thing like I’d always done.

One simple invitation changed that. “Do you want to sit with us?” It was the leader of the write club who came up to me while I sat at my lonely lunch table. “Um.. sure,” I said uncertainly, and joined them. It’s a decision I never regret.


So what is is about friends that make such a difference? They made all the difference for me as I recovered from being bullied.Suddenly I wasn’t the girl who sat by herself at lunch. I had a team of friends who were always happy to see me. One of the most important things a friend can offer is acceptance. That’s what makes you feel wanted and needed. It gives you a reason to go on.




Another thing a friend can give you is support. Working on any task, creative or mundane, is hard to do alone. When we tackle tasks by ourselves we are more likely to give up. However, if you have your friends around you, giving you support and encouragement, it’s easier to go on, no matter how hard to scary it is.




A topic I mentioned above, encouragement, is also important. Let me tell you why. If we break up the word encouragement, we see that it has the word courage in it. Courage is the act of doing something despite how scary or daunting the task.


“En-” means to cause to be in. When this definition is applied to to the word encouragement, we see that encouragement means giving others the power to be courageous. Encouragement from friends is important because it gives you the courage and power to defeat fear and doubt.




One of the most important things that a friend can give is love. This encompases all of the above mentioned things, but also gives you a sense of self worth and belonging. Every single person needs a little love in their lives. Without love we would feel completely helpless and hopelessly alone.




Everyone needs at least one friend to help them on their life journey. Without friends, nobody would be able to make it through and endure to the end. It’s so important to have love, acceptance, support, encouragement, and meaning in our lives.

I’d like to challenge you to reach out to someone in your friend group today and tell them how much they mean to you. If they need support, give it to them. Be a support and help in someone’s life today as they have been in your life.

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  1. Love this Miriam! I hope I can support you in everything you do!

  2. Mary

    Miriam, this is a great beginning. So many people can relate to being bullied, eating alone, and just wanting someone to say, come sit with us.

    Thanks for sharing and keep writing,

    1. Miriam Nicholson

      Thanks for reading it Mary!

  3. Joy

    Hey Miriam,

    This post is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s so true that we could never count up all the ways that friends help us so much through life. How you explained the word “encourage” is so great!!

    Thanks once again for stopping by Blog of Joy. Didn’t you write a guest post on Write Practice years ago? 🙂

    Have a great day! ~ Joy

    1. Miriam Nicholson

      Yes I did, Two actually this one and this one
      I’ve also recently submitted one to Joe and he’s looking it over now. I’ll post on my blog when it’s up with the link to the post. He hasn’t given me a yes or no yet but we’ll just see what happens.

      You have a great day too.

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